Humor: Not Everyone Gets The Funny

Humor is one of the most subjective topics there is. One person’s knee-slapper is someone else’s furrowed brow. Want a couple examples? Thought you might.

I offer two written items, one from my Twitter feed and the other from my Facebook page. A very pleasant husband and wife team of sales specialists and authors of the book “Selling Naked on the Phone” tweeted me asking for my favorite sales tip. I made my answer a two-parter. For communication: Make sure your communications are phrased and spelled properly because you never know who’s paying attention. For Selling Naked on the Phone: Avoid wicker.

For my trouble, I got a question back from them: What’s wicker?

I had the same problem on Facebook.

A “humorist” posted the question while promoting her video, “Does anyone have back pain?” My comment: “Nope, I’m all caught up.” Their response: “???” This surprised me because one of the characteristics of a humorist is being able to look at things from a different angle. This “humorist” wasn’t being very flexible.

Aside: Because of her question marks, I broke one of my cardinal rules and explained the joke. I commented, “Back taxes. Back alimony. A little joke.” Haven’t heard from her since.

If a statement is funny, it should get laughs whether it’s written or spoken. But just as there will always be someone who doesn’t get the joke in the form of the spoken word, the same is true in writing. And I understand that.

But wicker? Really?



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3 responses to “Humor: Not Everyone Gets The Funny

  1. I like the “avoid wicker” comment. Best not to have splinters in your tush while selling naked on the phone. Who the hell doesn’t know what wicker is?

  2. Everyone (the entire world) should attend a Remedial-humor class!

    I pose the option to resurrect the spirit of Will Rogers….. Any takers?

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