I Need An App

Is there an app for remembering to turn off your call forwarding when you get back to the office? Here’s what happened.

Yesterday morning, I’m in my downstairs office and I get an e-mail about a lead. It sounded interesting, so I call the number from the office phone and the receptionist puts me through to voicemail. I leave a message with my number and I go back to work.

Ten minutes later, the business line starts to ring, and then cuts off immediately. And I hear my cellphone ringing. Upstairs. Egad! I hadn’t turned the call forwarding off from the day before.

Wanting to maintain the illusion of professionalism, I charge out of my chair, race up the steps, stumble on the steps, grab the railing, get to the top, and make the hard left down the hall and into the living room. I manage to get to the phone just before it goes to voicemail. I hope I sounded normal and not like I had just pulled several muscles that usually don’t have that kind of strain put on them. I made it and we had a productive conversation.

Should I look for a liniment app or just work out more often?



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2 responses to “I Need An App

  1. I cannot thank you enough for the blog. Fantastic.

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